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From Rustic Boujee Italian Food to Good old Southern Barbeque.  

Growing up in a 6 story house with 6 Italian Families, life was always busy and full of flavor. Each Aunt in competition with the other for the best Sauce or Meatball. Lucky for you I have all the Secret Recipes. No matter what, when it came to food, we always came together.  As a mom of 4 whether it was a good day or a bad day, food brought my family together. I've always enjoyed using my talent to prepare meals to make memories with loved ones. When the food is good, you stay at the table longer, you saver each bite, you share the stories, and then memories are made. When other families can create memories together while enjoying my food, my heart is full. I'll bring the food, you enjoy the moment. 

Feeding Family, Friends





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